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Small, Stupid & Insignificant

Winner of the Experimental Drama award at the 2011 Female Eye Film Festival.

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Small, Stupid and Insignificant (42 min.) is a not so funny film about a family's struggle with choosing to live. Marie is a single mom, her sister is in a coma, and her Mama is a rosary clutching leave-it-to-God kind of woman. Marie is haunted by her sister, who has been in a coma for 3 years, to pull the plug. And yet, neither of them feels like living. This all changes after one intoxicated night when Marie meets a wandering spirit that helps her realize not only her sister's wish for freedom, but also her own.

Featuring a stellar cast of Canadian talent including Tara Nicodemo, Elana McMurtry, Maria Vacratsis, Rosie Elia and Richard Clarkin. This magical film stirs up the meaning of being alive.

Small, Stupid and Insignificant is produced by Sandra Paolucci and Valerie Buhagiar and executive produced by Mike Masters with the support of the Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council.