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It's Hard To Be Human

Winner of Best Canadian Feature at the 2017 Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto.

God kicks his daughter out of heaven and won’t let her back in until she learns empathy.

It’s Hard to be Human is a surreal drama inspired by Strindberg’s 'A Dream Play’. It's a visceral experience of Agnes, God's daughter, in the liminal place before death.

Agnes is an 18-year-old delinquent who just can’t figure out the point of it all – life on earth. Her brother, Oscar, is a cop. Her Father (God) is a busy man, a torn husband and too tired to father anyone. Her Mother self-medicates and lives to die. Peter, her best friend, is an addict and a poet. Larry, her lover, strives for duty, marriage and the norm, because that’s where his happiness is. And then there’s Victoria, an enlightened spirit who emanates heaven. She’s got something everyone wants and because Agnes can’t have her, wants to destroy her.

The film begins with Agnes in the emergency room. She is in that space between life and death. We interweave her true-life story with this dreaming, almost-dead world. The pulse of the film is strummed out by the songs Agnes and her friends sing with their messed-up, longing hearts.

Agnes was a pious girl turned sour. And in this journey we find out why she has abandoned God and why he's forsaken her.