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The Passion of Rita Camilleri

The Passion of Rita Camilleri

The Passion of Rita Camilleri is a 24-minute fantastical film. Rita is an eight-year-old, Maltese Canadian girl with a vast imagination that is somewhat warped by her Catholic beliefs. Rita is alone with her visions and is more alone when her best friend Diane dies in a house fire. She is filled with questions and is brought to ease when Diane appears as an angel. Rita is still alone but not as lonely. Overnight, she conquers her fears and struts with confidence.

Writer/Director/Producer: Valerie Buhagiar

Co-producer/Cinematographer: Rudolf Blahacek

Running Time: 24 minutes

Format: 16mm/colour

Best film(Golden Knight Award) - Malta Film Festival
Silver Plaque Award - Chicago Film Festival
Golden Plaque - Chicago Television Production
Best Music - Atlantic Film Festival
Honorary Mention - New York Film Festival
Honorary Mention - Columbus Film Festival